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I absolutely hate writing an “About Me” section. So here’s the short and sweet version. I was born and raised in the northwest corner of Connecticut. I’ve had a love for art and creating things since a very young age.

I never went to art school, and I’m not mad about. I’ve enjoyed learning my artistic ways on my own. Call it what you want. I’m still enjoying the hidden magic of being self taught.

Like most artists, I’ve used art as an escape. It has become one of my favorite forms of meditation. I love getting lost in colors, blending, and precise line work.

Nature is definitely my biggest inspiration. The simple beauties of the world around us amaze me everyday. I find beauty in a lot of things that people just don’t see.

As for now, I’m living in upstate New York with my amazing husband, our dog Ginjer, and two cats. I’m a waitress four days a week, and I love it. Waitressing and doing art is a perfect balance for me. My husband and I plan on traveling and exploring the world as much as we can. We’re just having fun right now, and I’m so happy with that.

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